What is NeedNexus?

NeedNexus is an innovative way to connect Buyers and Service Providers. Buyers are people who need a job done and Service Providers are people who can get the job done. We offer free competitive quotes to buyers and low membership rates to providers.

What is a Need?

A Need can be anything that you need someone to help you with, such as I Need:
• Leaves removed from my yard
• My Gutter repaired
• A writer or blogger for your business
• A 3-page document translated from French to English
• A Website created for my business
• Social media help
• A Temporary Receptionist for 3 days
• Help for my Kid's Birthday Party
• A tutor
• Mover to help me move to a new house
• Anything else that answers the question “I would like to hire someone for ___________.
• etc., etc.

What does your property tab mean?

We offer free listings for realtors and individuals who are looking for a specific home, apartment or properties. Others can advertise their homes, apartments or properties for rent or sale for $4.95 a month. Call 614-888-8801 for more information.

What does your products tab mean?

If you’re a subscriber, we offer free listings for products that you’re trying to sell on our site. Just post what you’re trying to sell and your phone number and buyers would call to make an offer.

What does your jobs tab mean?

If you’re a subscriber, we offer free listings for jobs at your company. Simply post details of the position and your contact information. There is no cost to applying for the positions.

For Buyers

What does it cost to Sign Up?

Registration for Buyers is absolutely FREE.

What does it cost to post a Need?

Buyers can post needs completely FREE.

What kind of information do I need to provide when I post?

Please provide as many details as possible to make the scope of the Need clear for the Providers to bid on.

Can I include pictures when I post a Need?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to post as many pictures as you want to provide clarity in your posts.

Why can’t I see who is bidding on my Need?

The bidders on each project are trusted Service Providers from the community. We keep their names hidden so that each bidding process is fair and confidential. You can, however, see their distance from you and how well other members have rated them.

Can I stop the bidding for my Need if I see a Bid I like?

We would recommend you let the bidding process go all the way through, just to make sure you don’t miss out on a late bid with an even better offer! If you are completely satisfied with a bid before the end of the process however, you can award a winner by clicking the “stop bidding” button at the top of the screen.

Do I have to accept the lowest Bid?

No, you have the option to accept any bid you like, but we would recommend you make a decision based on Bid amount and Rating of Provider.

What happens after I accept a Bid?

After you accept a Bid, the Provider Contact information will be displayed and you will be able to contact the Provider and get your Need completed. NeedNexus will typically not get involved during the work phase. After the work is completed, you will need to login to the site and mark your Need as “Complete” and Rate the Provider.

Can I communicate with Bidders during the Bidding Process?

Sure !! Even though you can’t see the Bidder’s names, you can still communicate with them through an internal messaging system to clarify any issues both from the Buyer as well as the Provider.

Can I see the companies who use NeedNexus?

We are proud to work with service providers who use NeedNexus, and encourage you to look through the companies currently on our site by checking out the “Top Providers” window on the far right hand side of the screen, or searching our providers by Category.

Do I have to pay any Commission to NeedNexus?

No, Buyers post their needs for FREE and don’t have to pay any Commission to NeedNexus.

What should I do after the Need/Project is completed?

After the Need/Project is completed, you should “Complete” the Need by logging into the website and marking it as “Complete” and Rate the Provider. Your Rating is very important for Providers to ensure they get business in the future.

For Providers

Why should I subscribe?

A NeedNexus membership is designed to bring value through advertising and new leads to your business for a low monthly charge. We market your business through your own web profile, business verification, search engine optimization and we will consult with our clients about your services. Our membership allows you to bid on local projects and jobs around the area.

What does it cost to Sign Up?

Providers may Sign Up for FREE on the site. After Registration, they are on a Listing Only mode. This means that they get a FREE Profile page on the site, Buyers can find them on the Service Directory. However, Providers have limited functionality on a Listing Only mode, buying one of the Membership Packages offers a lot of additional options.

What is a Listing Only mode?

Once you Register, you are on a Listing-Only mode. In Listing-Only mode, you will have a Profile page where you can provide information about your business.

What are the differences between the Membership Packages?

$4.95/month – Basic package to allow Providers to Bid on Needs.

$9.95/month – Providers receive:
• 5 extra Bid Credits
• Emails when a Need is posted in their Category of interest

$14.95/month – Providers receive:
• 10 extra Bid Credits
• Emails when a Need is posted in their Category of interest
• Text Messages on their phone when a Need is posted in their Category of interest

What is Verification on the Bid Details screen?

When you are an active paid Member, we go through a verification process for your credentials. These are displayed on the Bid Details screen for all Needs that you Bid on. Buyers most often choose Providers based on their credentials, therefore, it is really important to buy one of the Membership Packages so that your credential verification is displayed.

Where do we get the Needs from?

We get our Needs through various channels. We attend weekly Realtor meetings, contact Apartment Management Companies and small to mid-size companies of a wide variety of industries to collect Needs. We make 100% effort to ensure that the Needs posted on the site are genuine and authentic.

What does it cost to Bid on a Need?

Based on the value , Needs may be categorized as “BidCredit” or “Commission” types.

 “BidCredit” Needs require Bid Credits to place a Bid.

“Commission” Needs do not require BidCredits for Bidding and it doesn’t cost anything to place a Bid, but winning Provider is required to pay a Sales Commission to NeedNexus.

For “BidCredit” Needs, each Need has an initial Bid Credit based on the value of the Need. After the initial Bid, all successive Bids are 1 Bid Credit each. This means that your first Bid will cost the number of Initial Bid Credits. You can Bid as many times as you want to, each successive Bid will cost 1 Bid Credit each.

For “Commission” Needs, it doesn’t cost to place a Bid, but the winning Provider is required to pay a Sales Commission to NeedNexus. The amount of Sales Commission is displayed on the Need Details screen.

How do Bid Credits work?

Bid Credits are NeedNexus's own currency. You have to purchase Bid Credits ahead of time and use them to Bid on Needs that are “BidCredit” type.

Why do some Needs use more Initial Credits than others?

Your initial bid on a need may vary based on the size of the project. We think it’s worth it to put a few more credits up on a bigger job, and we think our customers will appreciate how serious your intentions are on needs you are bidding on.

How many times can I bid on the same Need?

You can bid as many times as you want on a Need. The idea is to give you the opportunity to outbid your competitors to win the contract. But remember, after the Initial Bid Credit, every successive Bid costs 1 Bid Credit.

Can I buy more credits while I’m bidding?

Of course! Simply click on the “Buy Credits” link on the left hand side of the screen from your home page, or directly from the Bidding screen.

How can I win a Bid?

NeedNexus gives you the opportunity to outbid your competitors by placing lower bids as many times as you like. The Buyer will accept the Bid from the Provider that he/she thinks is most suitable for the job. This will be determined on the basis of the Bid and Rating of the Provider.

Can I communicate with Bidders during the Bidding Process?

Sure !! Even though you can’t see the Buyer’s name, you can still communicate through an internal messaging system to clarify any issues.

Do I have to pay any Commission to NeedNexus?

Yes, if the Need is of “Commission” type, then winning Bidder will have to pay a Sales Commission to NeedNexus. If the Need is of “BidCredit” type, then no Sales Commission needs to be paid. Provider has to purchase Bid Credits before placing Bids.

How can I boost my Ratings?

By doing a good job on every project that you work on !! Your performance will be rated by the Buyer after completion of the job, so make sure you keep the Buyer happy during the entire project.

Can I be both a Service Provider and a Buyer?

Definitely! In fact, some of our most active service provider contacts post the most needs. While our provider sign up is more extensive, to be a buyer you just need an email. It can be the same email for both sides, we just keep them separate to simplify our projects.

How can I advertise with NeedNexus.com?

Call us at 614-888-8801 or send an email to advertise@neednexus.com to get more information on advertising with NeedNexus.com.

Do you give refunds if my bid doesn’t get chosen?

If you paid for a lead that the customer decided to cancel, we’ll refund your bid credits. If the customer found a better price elsewhere and still completes the project through another provider, then we will not be able to issue you a refund.